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SHEro Mystery school has been created for women who are ready to REMEMBER who they truly are, and reconnect to their SACRED PURPOSE.

The teachings of SHEro Mystery School are designed to support you Discover and Awaken the the knowledge of the cycles that flow around you, move through you, and work within you, as I believe that is the greatest tool you can use on your SHEro Quest for inner growth and understanding.

To do this we use several wheels that all work together

  • The Wheel of The Year
  • The Wheel of The SHEro Archetypes
  • The Wheel of the Zodiac
  • The SHEro Wheel of Awakening

Each Wheel is greatly influenced by symbolism and archetypal patterns that help you to re-awaken your inherent, ancient, spiritual connection to the Divine Feminine, as expressed by your SHEro-Self.

All classes are designed to support you to reclaim your power, and you rightful place in the world as the wild, mysterious, and deeply connected woman that you are.

A Taste of SHEro Mystery School: Free Courses

The SHEro's Seasonal DANCE Party

One of the easiest ways to start exploring the rhythms of life, is to begin to pay attention to the cycles of the moon, and how they influence you. To get you started I have created a few clases for you to explore this energy in a way that works for you:

The SHEro DANCE Party

Learn to DANCE with the rhythms of life, and awaken your inner SHEro.

Remember and Awaken Your Inner Wisdom
As you celebrate the wild, mysterious, and powerful woman that you are!

Let's DANCE!
Manifesting With The Moon

Manifesting With The Moon

Discover how you can use the rhythms of the moon to align your actions, and manifest your dreams.

Learn how to use the energy of the moon to guide you through the manifesting process that gets results! When you align with the moon, you can supercharge your efforts.

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Free Oracle Card Course

Lunar Light Oracle Course

Learn how to do powerful readings as you align them with the cycle of the moon.

Tap into the unique energy of each moon phase to get greater insight in your card readings, as you create a deeper connection with your intuition.

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