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What We Admire In Others, Can Teach Us A Great Deal About Ourselves

What We Admire In Others, Can Teach Us A Great Deal About Ourselves

This week I've found myself laughing at myself a lot, even more than usual.

Maybe I can blame it in the upcoming Full Moon illuminating those areas that I've not been seeing?

Maybe it's just my time for more awareness?

Here's how it unfolded...

As I was talking to a mentor I had the humbling experience of realising that after all.of.these.years... I still do not own all of my gifts.

I use them all the time, but don't acknowledge them to myself, and still try to deny them!!

I was saying to her, that about 20 years ago I was reading a book by Caroline Myss where she was talking about being on stage and reading people's energy, and 'diagnosing' what was out of alignment for them, and I said that I'd love to be able to do that.

She started laughing at me, and said: but you do, do that!

I thought about it, and couldn't believe what I'd said. I do this with every client I work with on a 1-2-1 basis - which is almost everyday!

I read their energy, and can feel, see, and also often hear, what's really going on for them!

But because it's so natural for me, I TOTALLY didn't recognise that's what I was doing!

Do I feel daft - oh yes!

If I wasn't laughing so hard, I could be embarrassed to share that this isn't the only example I have of me doing this!!

I remember first thinking how fun it would be to channel information when I was about 18, and it's been a recurring thought since.

I thought you must be really special to be able to channel information, and I had it in my mind that you would receive the information from a particular source/being. 

Guess what... I do this all the time! (And no, it's not only for 'special' people, and no it's not from a named source)

A month ago I channelled two books!

I remember thinking as the words spilled out of me, that they weren't mine, but that they were simply coming through me. I wrote in every spare moment I had, and over a week I'd written over 23,000 between the two books. (no mean feat with a 3-year old taking up most of my time!)

I actually told my editor that I thought people lied when they said this happened to them, and that the words just flowed, but now I had fully experienced it! It really does happen.

This week I channelled a meditation on how to 'Meet Your Goddess'. When I read it back to myself, it wasn't in a style that I would've typically written, but it felt right, and the feedback has been great!

Then recently as I've been doing distant healings for people, gods, goddesses, and even Arch Angels (I always say this is strange as I don't work with angels, but they have certainly been working with me!) have been coming through with messages for the people I'm working with, and people are really resonating with the messages.

Crazy - oh yes!
But amazing too!

So what skills or talents have you admired in others, or wished that you had?

As I would be willing to bet, you recognise that skill in others, as it's also within you!

And if you say 'no, no way!', ask yourself, what's preventing you from naming and claiming it?

It takes courage to claim our gifts, sometimes it's easier to hide them, but we are always being given breadcrumbs to find our way home to ourselves, and our gifts.

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