WELCOME!  You can Relax. You're Home...

I’m Rebecca, your travel guide (part dragon slayer - metaphorically speaking of course, and part fairy godmother) on this part of your soul’s journey.

You might say I spend my days rescuing women from the dark illusions of limitations and the muddy bogs of sticky-stuckness, that threaten to keep them small and trapped, living a hum-drum life of mediocrity in the barren landscapes of dying dreams and dissatisfaction. 

I’m here to help you throw away the musty map that hasn’t served you, so that you can start following your intuitive GPS system.

Let’s put your SHEro Goddess Wild Woman back in the driver’s seat. It’s time to reclaim your power from the ghastly goblins of self-doubt and the gremlins of 'should' who have been putting the brakes on in your life for too long.

You have an Old Soul, you carry a depth and wisdom that is far beyond your years.

Since childhood you've know that you've been different, never quite fitting in, yet knowing that you're here for a reason.
You crave depth in your work, conversations and relationships.

Whilst you desire answers and have an almost insatiable thirst for knowledge, you can find yourself trying to learn everything, leaving you feeling scattered and exhausted.

Instead of celebrating your wisdom, you can find yourself misunderstood and feeling alone.

Yet you are not alone.

Your story is the timeless tale of the epic struggle and the rise of the noble heart. This is a necessary tale. 

A tale of initiation and triumph, and a return to your true home of integration and wholeness.

The time has come for you to listen to the call of your heart, and set forth on Your SHEro's Journey.

Find the depth and meaning that you need in your life.

You’ve waited long enough.

Now is your time.

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Your SHEro's Journey

The 28 Day SHEro's Journey Experience

Begin your very own 28-day adventure into the soul.

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Your SHEro's Journey

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